Yoga and Wellness

“My mission is to hold space where people can practice compassion for healing. It’s only with love and awareness that we can come together, even with different views and make the World safer, stronger and more peaceful.”


Organize your mind with your body, for your body and mind.

As a Healer, certified Yoga Instructor and never ending Seeker I feel deeply in helping others, which is what guides me to share and teach what I can. With over Nineteen years as a Yoga & Meditation student I’ve tapped into the world of teaching, completing my 500hr certified teacher training. Now I have the chance to share my lessons and experiences to help heal and uplift. My high energy and deep empathy for life struggles help bring a calm, yet focused, safe space where anyone can experience the power of Spirit and connect to their true identities. I offer:

  • Private sessions
  • Small group sessions
  • Studio classes in: Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Stretch & Flow
  • Breath Coach and personalized offerings
  • Gong sound healing
  • House and Building cleansings (preferred use of White Sage or Palo Santo)
  • Healing Circles
  • Numerology/Astrology readings focusing on life path and business/career improvements

Kundalini Yoga

Designing energizing Kundalini Yoga classes and focused health practices for groups of all sizes. I love to bring these technologies to communities. Join me for a full class, special practice or individual teachings as we work with energy to bring clarity, healing and guidance to our lives.

Personalized Services

Personalizing your Wellness practice based on your numerology and current driver for self improvement. We will discuss your path, gifts and design a class or program based on your physical needs and your souls desire!

Natural Remedies Blog

Our roots are in nature, I love discovering healing remedies we can include in a fast modern world. Here I will blog on some benefits to different herbal remedies, so get your notepad out & write down pantry and medicine cabinet secrets. And maybe some nature stories!

Knowledge brings humility, from humility comes worthiness, with worthiness one attains wealth, with wealth one is able to perform his duties in a better way and in performing his duties one attains happiness.

Let’s create.

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