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COVID-19, Lockdowns & the Yoga Community

As I continue to grow, learn and expand my consciousness for healing and helping I need to be honest with shifts that are occurring out of my control. I have spent years wrangling thoughts in my head, on these sometimes-heavy topics, with the objective to organize and articulate my perspective with care and compassion. I…

My Tarantula is in Premolt and I Know How She Feels

A few months ago, I purchased a pet tarantula and within a month picked up a second from a reptile expo. I strangely became interested in keeping one after wondering where my fear of them was coming from. It wasn’t like I was ever bitten by a spider or had some scary encounter when I…

Protect & Purify

SHUNGITE! This powerful carbon-based stone is tough enough to protect but gentle enough to ingest & purify. Shungite features a mostly carbon composition, containing fullerenes which give this powerhouse it’s reputation for bacteria elimination and EMF protection. Other than fullerenes, Shungite consists of almost all minerals on the periodic table. It’s complexity makes it a…

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