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!!SPECIAL-Guest Blog Post by my Father, Al B!!

This is a really special blog, my father asked me if he could pass along a personal story and have me upload it to my little area of the web. Of course! When I received and read his ‘blog’ it really moved me, because as humans we are so connected as we experience this thing…

COVID-19, Lockdowns & the Yoga Community

As I continue to grow, learn and expand my consciousness for healing and helping I need to be honest with shifts that are occurring out of my control. I have spent years wrangling thoughts in my head, on these sometimes-heavy topics, with the objective to organize and articulate my perspective with care and compassion. I…

My Tarantula is in Premolt and I Know How She Feels

A few months ago, I purchased a pet tarantula and within a month picked up a second from a reptile expo. I strangely became interested in keeping one after wondering where my fear of them was coming from. It wasn’t like I was ever bitten by a spider or had some scary encounter when I…

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