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Capture your strengths and fine tune your gifts.

At the same time I was working hard in my twenties, I was also vigorously seeking deeper meanings to everything. It seemed like every time I crushed another career goal I was further from feeling real. Years of Yoga and meditation inquiries led me to Kundalini Yoga where all those pieces came together and I was able to see my true self understanding my purpose in this life. I dreamed, I planned and I worked even harder to open my own business and get trained in the yogic studies I practice, to help serve in the best ways I can, Project Management and Yoga. We all have our own gifts, challenges and Soul purpose, so why not understand them and use to your advantage. Through my Yoga practice I have become a better wife, neighbor and business woman. Sharper intuition helps me to focus in on the possible risks and create solutions. My vision for the next ten years is to sharpen my ability to give top notch service, share practice and open hearts.

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579



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