!!SPECIAL-Guest Blog Post by my Father, Al B!!

This is a really special blog, my father asked me if he could pass along a personal story and have me upload it to my little area of the web. Of course!

When I received and read his ‘blog’ it really moved me, because as humans we are so connected as we experience this thing called life! Not only is his message an important reminder of inevitable change in time, but also an inevitable change with our connections to our bodies.

My father is an amazing artist and he used to teach me how to draw as a child, it was something I am thankful for to this day. He always has a way to add an artist flare to anything he gives, this picture of Astro is a quick chalk scratch he drew on the inside of the gift box for a custom handmade paracord leash for him. That HE made!

I hope everyone enjoys this guest post as much as I did and as Al would say Rock on People! (Post below – love you Dad!)

Embracing the Sunset by Al Beausoleil

I’m trapped in good health! Being of healthy mind and body with a heart that’s not cooperating has me ruminating on my journey forward.

My general health is excellent. Haven’t had flu-like symptoms since 1993.

Here’s the kicker, my heart has both plumbing and electrical issues. There is a defibrillator implant in my chest. “Minor” heart attack at 40 resulting in quadruple bypass surgery. Developed arrhythmia at 56 resulting in defib implant.

I’m a person that considers solitary, physical labor my “church” or meditation.

Perfectly at home working for hours, alone, collecting, hauling rock. Then building rock walls, outdoor fireplace, etc. Or … cutting, splitting and stacking firewood for next year. Hauling, stacking wood for this year. This kind of work brings me peace … aligns my soul.

I recently had a medical emergency that has me rethinking the whole physical church thing.

Dec 2022 – I was splitting and stacking wood by myself. Going slow … taking it easy. Some guy in my head, in a red flannel shirt, is singing, “I’m a Lumber Jack and I’m Hap-Hap-Happy!”. (I know. Weird, huh?) Apparently, I wasn’t taking it easy enough because the plumbing started backing up (angina) causing an electrical glitch (arrhythmia). Defib fired. I blacked out … hit my head on the way down and was down for about forty minutes (no coat). A neighbor found me on my hands and knees shaking violently. Hypothermia. Body temperature was 92 degrees when they got me in the ambulance.

Because of the hypothermia I lost my memory for three days. Recovered ……… Phew! Close call.

Which brings me to my source of reflection.

While I’m not afraid of limited mortality; I’m more concerned with not being able to live a physical life. However, I must consider that family and friends are afraid of my limited mortality. It’s time for me to change my source of peace from the physical to the cerebral.

Retirement is right around the corner. Spending free time with my beautiful wife and not slogging back and forth to a mind boggling boring job will help with that. But, I can’t become that guy that sits in his recliner, watching Judge Judy all day eating from a box of Cheese-Its!

I’ve been blessed with artistic abilities. I’ve always been creative and inquisitive. I’m thinking that using these abilities can help me find my “church”. While drawing, painting, creating you flop over into a right-brained zone that temporarily takes you out of the present and removes any crowded thoughts. Same with making a solid wood pile or a decorative and functional stone wall.

So, it’s time to dust off the drawing table; break out the pencils, paints, pastels, woodworking tools, etc. and find relaxation at a slower, easier pace. With me, and probably most people, my mind thinks forty-something while my body is screaming sixty to seventy-something! Time to listen to the body.

The most important things to me are loved ones, family and friends. My plans are to behave myself so I can spend as much time as possible with them. At 66 years old it’s time to grow up and Embrace my Sunset!

Rock on people.


P.S. Special thanks to my beautiful daughter for giving me space to jabber like an old man.

COVID-19, Lockdowns & the Yoga Community

As I continue to grow, learn and expand my consciousness for healing and helping I need to be honest with shifts that are occurring out of my control. I have spent years wrangling thoughts in my head, on these sometimes-heavy topics, with the objective to organize and articulate my perspective with care and compassion.

I started to dabble in Meditation before jumping into the ‘western’ yoga we Americans are familiar with. This came from lots of pain internally I had from a poor upbringing and a complete detachment from my Soul and who I was. I wasn’t aware of my potential or desires at the time, I was just suffering with emptiness and longing for self-fulfillment. Without knowing it, I was setting a foundation of trust, truth and internal work that would be critically important for future me. After visiting about half dozen ashrams and smalls meditation gatherings, some regularly, I starting incorporating asana/yoga for the physical inclusion (asana in Sanskrit means ‘seat’ or physical posture, however the practice of asana is often referred to just as yoga*). I recognized a difference in asana vs a Spiritual practice of going within, which to me was done each time I Meditated in a room of strangers or in front of a claimed to be Guru. But for most Americans, a simple asana practice can be deeply Spiritual, by just feeling good in their body and not going within. This is beautiful in its own sense. And I admired how Yoga brought us all together. I mean it does stand for Unity.

COVID-19 and the lockdowns brought an immediate challenge to the Yoga Community and there was a clear fork in the road us practitioners, students and seekers alike needed to take. My decision came instantly, even before the major fork was upon us, not only did my intuition guide me but that foundation of truth and trust I set in the early days of Meditation allowed me to trust that intuition. From the beginning I trusted my nose to purify the air around me, I trusted my slightly weakened immune system, my connection to Mother Earth’s healing abilities, the Sun and most importantly I trusted Love. Love being the antonym of fear I knew, if nothing else from surviving my adolescence, that I needed to be fearless possibly the most fearless I’ve been yet. Love, freedom, choice, natural ways of living, community, togetherness, transparency and many more, all of these were now on the line. I could not lie to myself. But around me I saw others caving into fear, conformity and viciously attacking anyone who thought different. I was confused when even leaders were towing this line and it made me have to dive deep within and figure out how I felt about it, what it meant to me and how I was going to continue helping people different from the path of fear. It came to me as Yoga being expressive vs fundamental. Just because one practices Yoga doesn’t mean they are automatically righteous with the clearest vision. This mistake I often compare to serial sinners who go to Church on Sundays thinking they can bypass real self-work. In the Yoga community we called this Spiritual bypassing. I’ve met teachers who stated they think there should be blood and war before final peace and love, who have alienated their students based on personal beliefs while speaking on inclusion and even masters who have advocated for people to inject an unknown substance but also say eating meat limits your Spiritual connection. The radicalism we face on a daily basis has leaked into people’s behaviors. Yoga should be a form of expression for who you are and a tool to help you get closer to your Soul and not be a label of enlightenment status.

So where do we go from here? This question is still open for me, but one thing I am sure of is that it will take a few years for the community to sort out the friction between fear and Love. I have continued to build and share practices for what is helping me, I am still connecting and helping individuals by suggesting any form of healing tools and I want to continue being a positive lighthouse for those of us who wish to live graciously in the midst of fire. I encourage anyone who feels lost, confused or in shock from any or all revelations you may just be seeing, to reach out to someone and talk about how you feel. Anyone you can trust to just let you speak those fears and begin to release them. There will be a process to deprograming and it will not be easy, but it will be so rewarding! Let Love guide you.

Below is a card I created using a common but powerful breathing technique. I send these to deployed female soldier’s so they have an option to be comforted any time they may need it. This is a beautiful breath to gently flow between grace and fear. Holding the breath out alkalizes the blood among many other health benefits and this breathing practice overall has some amazing affects you can feel including decreased inflammation, increased energy and regulating the nervous system. I share this with an open Heart!

My Tarantula is in Premolt and I Know How She Feels

A few months ago, I purchased a pet tarantula and within a month picked up a second from a reptile expo. I strangely became interested in keeping one after wondering where my fear of them was coming from. It wasn’t like I was ever bitten by a spider or had some scary encounter when I was a kid. I figured it had to be a combination of something else scary happening at the same time that damn 1990 movie came out. So, in classic all or nothing form I started watching videos to learn about tarantula’s, what I thought was the biggest and scariest of all spiders, the great whites. Regularly I found myself anxiety risen from work already primed to watch one high intense feeding video after another. In a strange way, discovering how fragile they were and not out to hunt and kill humans, was making my anxiety feel better. Almost like the feeling of warm ocean water surrounding you after surviving a scary jump off a cliff. Next thing I knew I was crafting a plan to convince my husband a pet tarantula in the house was a great idea. Thankfully, like all the times I come to him with a crazy idea, he was on board. Just a handshake he never needed to feed them.  

I knew being a new mom was going to be tough, but I was up to take this job seriously just as I do being a dog and plant mom. One positive to keeping a T and a big reason I decided to get a couple is how easy they are to care for. I wasn’t looking to spend more time with other critters as three dogs has been plentiful. They need no lights, warmers, maintenance with food about once a week, sometimes they won’t even eat for weeks and they certainly do not need love and affection. The best part about them is just watching and looking at them. They sleep a lot and can be in the same sleeping position all day. What a life.

I quickly learned not to tell people you keep t’s. Our friends mom jokingly asked if we were eating tarantula for Thanksgiving dinner and I realized I’m still that weird girl. I get it, ask me eight or even five years ago about this and I would have laughed it off as well. Now I find myself fascinated with every step of progress in their little spider life. Everything for me is new with them and since this is their first and only life it’s new for them too!

The patience I have learned from keeping them has been a great reminder of the patience we need with ourselves and in life. Sometimes shifts take longer than our monkey brains deem is tolerable. I’m on my second premolt feeding strike, this time with my bigger tarantula Buffy (Avicularia Avicularia). Today is a month she has not eaten. She seems to be in heavy premolt and for the last week I keep waking up and thinking today is the day I find a molt. She’s cranky and just wants to be left alone. She is dull gray, less vibrant and is just waiting. I wonder if she feels anxious about her own molt as I do for her. Most likely I’m just projecting my human emotions. Little does Buffy know she has a bigger more beautiful enclosure waiting for her once she molts.

Metaphorically, the importance of patience prior to a shift can dictate how big or nice that next ‘enclosure’ is. I can get tired and anxious before the next big thing, it’s easy to these days with the chaos of the World. As an adolescent and well into my thirties I had that shark mentality. Great Whites have always been my favorite animal and I thought of myself a lot like them. Stealth, loner, always hungry, always on the move and mysterious to most. This was helpful for my survival but no longer is needed in my life, I survived now I just need to live. Interestingly, the opposite of the shark or great white can easily be the tarantula, who makes a home, eats when necessary and becomes most vulnerable before a fresh new shift. Grateful for Nature’s lessons.

Protect & Purify

SHUNGITE! This powerful carbon-based stone is tough enough to protect but gentle enough to ingest & purify.

Shungite features a mostly carbon composition, containing fullerenes which give this powerhouse it’s reputation for bacteria elimination and EMF protection. Other than fullerenes, Shungite consists of almost all minerals on the periodic table. It’s complexity makes it a very versatile tool.

For years I have been using Shungite for EMF protection and purification. As a full time office worker I was finding my body was picking up too much electromagnetic radiation during the day, which was manifesting into head aches, body jitters and skin crawling feelings. I decided to put Shungite next to my desk and on my night stand. I place the dish on the window sill every day or so to charge them. I like to charge my stones and crystals regularly, but you only need to once every 2 weeks for at least 24 hours in sunlight, moonlight or a natural stream (suggested only with tumbled stones). I even made a little bag for my small dog who’s bed is under my desk near my power strip. I tuck it in her bed so she doesn’t get into it and I feel much better about her snoozing away down there!

Besides the EMF protection Shungite brings it has been used for a long time as purification of drinking water. It cleans water of various chlorine compounds, copper, magnesium, iron and cleans up visually dirty water. Shungite removes heavy metals, colloid iron of pipes, nitrates, pesticides, dioxins, radio nuclides, viruses and bacteria from water.

And the skin? Filter some water using Shungite and use it to cleanse your face for help with acne or regular break outs. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help with allergies, skin issues and even arthritis.

There is so much more to this magically stone, check out how it can help you!

Shungite comes in a variety of forms including tumbled, pyramids, raw and crushed. Statues and pyramids are great for desk pieces or table top pieces while crushed tends to be used for the water processes. Pick what works for you!

  • Water filtration – if using crushed stone rinse stone until the water runs clear before placing in container with water. Leave stones in water for 48hrs before using.
  • On person – you can find many beautiful jewelry pieces, stones for pockets or elastic bracelets for all genders to wear daily. A good tip is to have two and also have one charging/cleansing while you are using the other.
  • In home – Shungite comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s taste. Make your healing pieces part of your décor to maximize on healing!


Calming Body & Mind Tea

Nature goes through normal cycles of shedding and regrowth which we can view through changes of plants and animals during seasonal shifts. We are also affected by seasons even if we live in places that are not as fluid in weather shifts. As the colder months approach, I find myself craving warmer foods and beverages. A hot tea or decaf coffee in the morning helps warm me from the inside after a brisk walk with the dogs. Lately for me it has been all about calming herbs that are also settling on my stomach. With increased supplements to help through cold season I can find that my stomach may feel a little uneasy in the mornings as I typically am fasting until noon. Not all teas help that feeling for me and sometimes it means having to ‘break’fast, so I started to experiment. The combination of skullcap and ashwagandha came from understanding their calming affects but also the varied properties of the ashwagandha root verses leaf. These two together have worked for me as a nice, soft and soothing tea that relaxes my nerves and belly. Depending on how I feel I may drink plain, add a couple drops of sweet, or a splash of keto cream or coconut milk which marry well together with the milkiness of the ashwagandha root.

  • 6-8 oz. near boiling water (200-210 degrees)
  • Heaping 1/2 tsp skullcap lose leaf
  • Heaping 1/2 tsp ashwagandha root
  • 1-2 drops sweet leaf drops (optional)
  • Splash cream or equivalent dairy substitute (optional)

As you are heating your water, add both herbs to your lose tea vehicle of choice! I used the biodegradable non bleached lose bags for years, they work great. Recently I picked up this cutie and you fill his pants. Let steep for 3 mins, enjoy while warm.

Skullcap – Antispasmodic, strengthens and calms the nervous system. Take for headaches, premenstrual syndrome and anxiety. Relaxing without sedative it is great for workaholics.

Ashwagandha Root – The root of Ashwagandha is regarded as tonic, aphrodisiac, narcotic, diuretic, anthelmintic, astringent, thermogenic and stimulant. Ashwagandha’s components provide many health benefits, including a powerful antioxidant, improved immunity, mental clarity, focus, stress reduction, and other benefits. 




Cool Refreshing Digestive Drink

A new go-to for me this hot summer! So refreshing, cool and easy to drink out of a jar! Besides just liking the taste this power drink will be wonders for your digestive system while you are running around playing in the sun!

Don’t let the word ‘licorice’ below scare you! I am not a fan of the candy etc, but the real herb is  lighter and easier on the senses. Make sure to get fresh dried or grow yourself. Poor quality licorice can have the over the top bitter taste. Fresh for health! 

Mix .02oz part of licorice dried and .03oz each of peppermint and marshmallow root well together. Keep in bag or jar for easy use. (or equal parts pepper/mallow and a little less of the licorice, don’t be afraid to eyeball it!) 

  • 1 Tsp per cup of water.
  • Fill a favorite jar or mug with amount of cups to near fill and add the 1:1 amount of dried mix. Stir well.
  • Put in frig and chill for 1hr to 1day. Strain out pulp. Drink within 3 days to benefit the most from the medicinal quality, but tea will last longer as just a refresher.

Peppermint -Can be used a few different methods medicinally, but as a cold infusion peppermint is great for digestion and helps to tone the liver, intestines and the nervous system. 

Licorice root- As mentioned don’t let the name fool you, this fresh dried root brings a balanced taste to the mint without overpowering. Benefits used in this drink are detoxifying, antibacterial and acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

Marshmallow root – This soothing plant as an infusion can help with the bladder, stomach acid and heartburn. 



Virgin Hot Tottie

Ever have a Hot Tottie? In New England where I grew up it was common to make a hot tottie if your throat was sore. This consisted of hot water, lemon juice, honey and WHISKEY!

Now if you still want to include the amber juice, have at it! Below is a virgin version I use when I want something soothing, warm and healing.

  • Hot water to fill a mug
  • Organic lemon, one large wedge
  • Tbsp honey (local honey is great for allergies)
  • 1/2 inch chunk peeled ginger root

Remove any seeds from the lemon wedge and toss into mug along with the ginger. Add the hot water followed by the honey, stir to melt the honey. Garnish with a cinnamon stick or extra lemon peel. Enjoy!

GINGER (Zingiber officinale)

There are many properties of ginger, including Anti-emetic (helps with nausea and motion sickness). It’s good for chills, colds, flu and sore throats. When inhaled, ginger essence eases mental confusion, and helps to relieve fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

Happy Summer Solstice & International Yoga Day!

The Sun may not shine for everyone but the sun is still shining. Believing there is something there when you can not see it. Releasing judgement and expectations. Re-sculpting patterns and removing ego in every thought, response and projection. Evaluating each cell until they flow with all living things, Mother Earth and the Universe. Emerging in a soundwave of brightness, where lights pulse and sounds shine.

Happy Summer Solstice & International Yoga Day!

Sat Nam ❤ Namaste ❤

The Power of Conscious Breathing

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” Sanskrit Proverb

Conscious Breathing

Breath is the only autonomous system of the body that we can control, this means the body governs it but we can change how we breathe through conscious breathing practices. We inhale and exhale approximately 20,000 times per day, with up to ten muscles that can be utilized for inhalation and eight for forced exhalation. Since regular breathing is an unconscious act it often becomes shallower over time. Our breath is an indicator of our mood and our mood is an indicator of our breath. This means that if we change how we breathe we can change our mood. It also means that when our mood changes so does our breath.

Long Deep Breathing

When we aren’t mindful, most of us tend to breathe shallow breaths into the very top part of our lungs. There’s a significant difference between how we breathe when we’re not bringing awareness to our breath and how we breathe when we saturate our attention with each inhale and exhale. Long deep breathing oxygenates the body, massages the nervous system and inner organs, creates micromovements to align the spine and restores the proper pH balance in the bloodstream. 

When you feel anxious, your body is in fight-or-flight mode. Breath-wise, this means that your body is acting from the sympathetic nervous system (your body’s stress responder) and is purposefully taking shorter, shallower breaths in order to match the instinct of preparing to fight or flee. The result is an influx of oxygen into your body when you don’t need it, because you’re likely sitting in your car or at a business meeting rather than running for dear life. Slowing your breathing down and taking controlled, deep breaths turns off the sympathetic nervous system by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The PSNS controls your body’s “rest-and-digest” (vs. fight-or-flight) response for returning to balance and stability. Deep breaths are a signal to your body that you’re ready to rest and digest, which is why Long Deep Breathing is so important.

Long Deep Breathing Practice (Laying or sitting)

Lie flat or sit up straight with your spine balanced over your sitting bones. Place your hands on your diaphragm with your palms flat, no space between the fingertips. Relax your stomach and inhale through your nose. Your fingers should separate as the abdomen expands. Exhale through your nose pulling your naval in slightly to facilitate the complete voiding of air, to prepare for the next inhale. Practice this until you’re able to breathe deeply without having strain. Practice long deep breathing for 3-11 mins. (while practicing you can keep your hands resting in your lap)

TIP: If your mind wanders and you become inpatient, bring your awareness to the nostrils. Focus on the air moving through the nostrils and filling the body. Focus on it rushing out.

Some articles on conscious breathing:





Understand the difference between ‘protecting’ and ‘defending’ yourself and your true identity. Defensive reactions serve no purpose to you, your higher self or anyone around you. Protect your name, your journey and the freedom to spread Love while allowing any opinions to flow through as simple reminders to keep persevering.

Live truthful, freely and graciously remain humble. Be proud of your true identity.