Protect & Purify

SHUNGITE! This powerful carbon-based stone is tough enough to protect but gentle enough to ingest & purify.

Shungite features a mostly carbon composition, containing fullerenes which give this powerhouse it’s reputation for bacteria elimination and EMF protection. Other than fullerenes, Shungite consists of almost all minerals on the periodic table. It’s complexity makes it a very versatile tool.

For years I have been using Shungite for EMF protection and purification. As a full time office worker I was finding my body was picking up too much electromagnetic radiation during the day, which was manifesting into head aches, body jitters and skin crawling feelings. I decided to put Shungite next to my desk and on my night stand. I place the dish on the window sill every day or so to charge them. I like to charge my stones and crystals regularly, but you only need to once every 2 weeks for at least 24 hours in sunlight, moonlight or a natural stream (suggested only with tumbled stones). I even made a little bag for my small dog who’s bed is under my desk near my power strip. I tuck it in her bed so she doesn’t get into it and I feel much better about her snoozing away down there!

Besides the EMF protection Shungite brings it has been used for a long time as purification of drinking water. It cleans water of various chlorine compounds, copper, magnesium, iron and cleans up visually dirty water. Shungite removes heavy metals, colloid iron of pipes, nitrates, pesticides, dioxins, radio nuclides, viruses and bacteria from water.

And the skin? Filter some water using Shungite and use it to cleanse your face for help with acne or regular break outs. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help with allergies, skin issues and even arthritis.

There is so much more to this magically stone, check out how it can help you!

Shungite comes in a variety of forms including tumbled, pyramids, raw and crushed. Statues and pyramids are great for desk pieces or table top pieces while crushed tends to be used for the water processes. Pick what works for you!

  • Water filtration – if using crushed stone rinse stone until the water runs clear before placing in container with water. Leave stones in water for 48hrs before using.
  • On person – you can find many beautiful jewelry pieces, stones for pockets or elastic bracelets for all genders to wear daily. A good tip is to have two and also have one charging/cleansing while you are using the other.
  • In home – Shungite comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s taste. Make your healing pieces part of your décor to maximize on healing!


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