COVID-19, Lockdowns & the Yoga Community

As I continue to grow, learn and expand my consciousness for healing and helping I need to be honest with shifts that are occurring out of my control. I have spent years wrangling thoughts in my head, on these sometimes-heavy topics, with the objective to organize and articulate my perspective with care and compassion. IContinue reading “COVID-19, Lockdowns & the Yoga Community”

My Tarantula is in Premolt and I Know How She Feels

A few months ago, I purchased a pet tarantula and within a month picked up a second from a reptile expo. I strangely became interested in keeping one after wondering where my fear of them was coming from. It wasn’t like I was ever bitten by a spider or had some scary encounter when IContinue reading “My Tarantula is in Premolt and I Know How She Feels”

Protect & Purify

SHUNGITE! This powerful carbon-based stone is tough enough to protect but gentle enough to ingest & purify. Shungite features a mostly carbon composition, containing fullerenes which give this powerhouse it’s reputation for bacteria elimination and EMF protection. Other than fullerenes, Shungite consists of almost all minerals on the periodic table. It’s complexity makes it aContinue reading “Protect & Purify”

Calming Body & Mind Tea

Nature goes through normal cycles of shedding and regrowth which we can view through changes of plants and animals during seasonal shifts. We are also affected by seasons even if we live in places that are not as fluid in weather shifts. As the colder months approach, I find myself craving warmer foods and beverages.Continue reading “Calming Body & Mind Tea”

Cool Refreshing Digestive Drink

A new go-to for me this hot summer! So refreshing, cool and easy to drink out of a jar! Besides just liking the taste this power drink will be wonders for your digestive system while you are running around playing in the sun! Don’t let the word ‘licorice’ below scare you! I am not aContinue reading “Cool Refreshing Digestive Drink”

Happy Summer Solstice & International Yoga Day!

The Sun may not shine for everyone but the sun is still shining. Believing there is something there when you can not see it. Releasing judgement and expectations. Re-sculpting patterns and removing ego in every thought, response and projection. Evaluating each cell until they flow with all living things, Mother Earth and the Universe. EmergingContinue reading “Happy Summer Solstice & International Yoga Day!”

The Power of Conscious Breathing

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” Sanskrit Proverb Conscious Breathing Breath is the only autonomous system of the body that we can control, this means the body governs it but we can change how we breathe through conscious breathing practices. We inhale and exhale approximately 20,000Continue reading “The Power of Conscious Breathing”


Understand the difference between ‘protecting’ and ‘defending’ yourself and your true identity. Defensive reactions serve no purpose to you, your higher self or anyone around you. Protect your name, your journey and the freedom to spread Love while allowing any opinions to flow through as simple reminders to keep persevering. Live truthful, freely and graciouslyContinue reading “Identity”