Cool Refreshing Digestive Drink

A new go-to for me this hot summer! So refreshing, cool and easy to drink out of a jar! Besides just liking the taste this power drink will be wonders for your digestive system while you are running around playing in the sun!

Don’t let the word ‘licorice’ below scare you! I am not a fan of the candy etc, but the real herb is  lighter and easier on the senses. Make sure to get fresh dried or grow yourself. Poor quality licorice can have the over the top bitter taste. Fresh for health! 

Mix .02oz part of licorice dried and .03oz each of peppermint and marshmallow root well together. Keep in bag or jar for easy use. (or equal parts pepper/mallow and a little less of the licorice, don’t be afraid to eyeball it!) 

  • 1 Tsp per cup of water.
  • Fill a favorite jar or mug with amount of cups to near fill and add the 1:1 amount of dried mix. Stir well.
  • Put in frig and chill for 1hr to 1day. Strain out pulp. Drink within 3 days to benefit the most from the medicinal quality, but tea will last longer as just a refresher.

Peppermint -Can be used a few different methods medicinally, but as a cold infusion peppermint is great for digestion and helps to tone the liver, intestines and the nervous system. 

Licorice root- As mentioned don’t let the name fool you, this fresh dried root brings a balanced taste to the mint without overpowering. Benefits used in this drink are detoxifying, antibacterial and acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

Marshmallow root – This soothing plant as an infusion can help with the bladder, stomach acid and heartburn. 



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