Calming Body & Mind Tea

Nature goes through normal cycles of shedding and regrowth which we can view through changes of plants and animals during seasonal shifts. We are also affected by seasons even if we live in places that are not as fluid in weather shifts. As the colder months approach, I find myself craving warmer foods and beverages. A hot tea or decaf coffee in the morning helps warm me from the inside after a brisk walk with the dogs. Lately for me it has been all about calming herbs that are also settling on my stomach. With increased supplements to help through cold season I can find that my stomach may feel a little uneasy in the mornings as I typically am fasting until noon. Not all teas help that feeling for me and sometimes it means having to ‘break’fast, so I started to experiment. The combination of skullcap and ashwagandha came from understanding their calming affects but also the varied properties of the ashwagandha root verses leaf. These two together have worked for me as a nice, soft and soothing tea that relaxes my nerves and belly. Depending on how I feel I may drink plain, add a couple drops of sweet, or a splash of keto cream or coconut milk which marry well together with the milkiness of the ashwagandha root.

  • 6-8 oz. near boiling water (200-210 degrees)
  • Heaping 1/2 tsp skullcap lose leaf
  • Heaping 1/2 tsp ashwagandha root
  • 1-2 drops sweet leaf drops (optional)
  • Splash cream or equivalent dairy substitute (optional)

As you are heating your water, add both herbs to your lose tea vehicle of choice! I used the biodegradable non bleached lose bags for years, they work great. Recently I picked up this cutie and you fill his pants. Let steep for 3 mins, enjoy while warm.

Skullcap – Antispasmodic, strengthens and calms the nervous system. Take for headaches, premenstrual syndrome and anxiety. Relaxing without sedative it is great for workaholics.

Ashwagandha Root – The root of Ashwagandha is regarded as tonic, aphrodisiac, narcotic, diuretic, anthelmintic, astringent, thermogenic and stimulant. Ashwagandha’s components provide many health benefits, including a powerful antioxidant, improved immunity, mental clarity, focus, stress reduction, and other benefits. 



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