It’s Me, Kimry!

So you’ve made it to my Blog….

I had a massive breakup last year, one that has me disconnected from my family, friends and new acquaintances. At first I wanted to leave, I had my breakup note scripted in my head….and before I was able to pull the trigger it happened!

Social Media canceled ME!

I was making the conscious decision to separate myself from the toxic world of ‘social media’ but I had planned on doing it on my own time, my own way with the ability to let everyone know why and where to find me. In 2020 fashion, things didn’t turn out as I expected and I found myself without my data, contacts, pictures and writings through the eyes of me, Kimry.

Since then, I have found that I miss sharing. I feel a healthy way for us to navigate through life is to learn from each other. I hope to use my blog to keep my communication lines open to everyone!